About us

We take concrete actions to raise socio-environmental awareness and to develop profound bonds with our territory, using the restoration of our native forest and creating and improving public spaces.


Our mission is to transform people and their connection with the world.


Our vision is to work with people, communities and conscious organizations, that incorporate the climate crisis challenges into the transformation of humanity.

Raising awareness

We want to raise awareness about the importance of socio-environmental changes. Through our experiences, we aim to provide positive changes to spaces and their communities.


We collaborate with organizations and communities to design and implement actions related to people’s environment and wellbeing.


We believe that humans have the most important role in changing our relationship with the world. We put our effort into being agents of transformation and creating a positive impact to restore our socio-environmental surroundings.



We are a trustworthy organization because know what we do, we responsibly fulfill our commitments and act with transparency.


We use creativity to face the challenges of our clients and users, keeping in mind variations and changes in our environment.


We believe that collaboration is a work method that values all the key participants in a system, and that’s the reason why we incorporate co-creation and participatory processes in our management.


We take action and make commitments with our environment and social setting that reflect our coherence.


Respect is the foundation of how we communicate, and how we focus on people’s nature and dignity.