We are committed to acting with transparency, and part of this commitment is to share relevant information about our organization using good practice standards.

The importance of what we do and how we do it

We are part of the Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias (Community of Solidarity Organizations), a group that works with more than 200 civil society organizations. Every year, we use and submit a format called FECU (Unified Codified Statistical Form), which is a standardised reporting system. This standard format was created for annual reports and financial statements. We use it and put it at your disposal, as well as any other important information about our corporation and how we achieve our purpose.

How does Cultiva get funded?

Cultiva gets its funding from different sources, and we are always looking for new ideas to connect communities with organizations and people that help us with the resources we need to fulfill our commitments. We receive donations from private sector companies of different business sectors, national and international grant programs, Chilean NGOs, International NGOs, individuals donors, membership dues and alliances.