December 2019

Hills of Renca Park Reforestation: First 6D Event

September 2019

TNC Water Fund - Río Clarillo National Reserve

August 2018

Reforestemos Chile Nativo: San Nicolás, Región de Ñuble

August 2017

Reforestemos Chile Nativo: Pumanque , Región de O'Higgins

January 2020

Casa “Mi Club” Fundación Domingo Savio- La Granja

January 2020

Bella Esperanza Special School- Quilicura

January 2020

The Ronald McDonald Family Room of the Sotero del Rio Hospital, Sonrisólogos (Smile therapy) Space – Puente Alto

January 2019

Rehue Centre- Renca

September 2019

Urban Forest Quilicura

October 2019

Urban forest in La Peña community, Coronel

June 2019

Environmental Education Trail, Colorado Hill

Reforestation as learning

Clean up and Recycling Activities

Discussion Groups