How can I participate?

Make a One-time Donation!

We need you more than ever!

By making an one-time donation, you will be giving us resources to keep taking concrete transformation actions, taking care of people and their environment.

Become a member

Your monthly donations allow Cultiva to keep taking concrete actions to raise environmental awareness and to develop bonds with our territory.

Sign up and make monthly donations via Paypal

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Donate a tree cards

You can make a donation by giving a greeting card to commemorate births and celebrations, and there are also thank you cards and condolence cards. Paper and electronic cards are available and each one of them is a tree that will be planted in our participatory reforestation program.

Cultiva Volunteers

Do you want to be part of our socio-environmental participatory activities?

The most active way of participating with Cultiva is to be part of our team leaders that guide and support the participants groups that work with us in our activities. For more information about next training, click here and sign up!

Would you like to use your professional skills and knowledge to volunteer and be part of our team?

Write to [email protected] and tell us how you would like to help and your availability. We will check the volunteering profile to see if they match our volunteering opportunities.


If you want to cooperate from your company and/or organization, please visit our companies and organizations participation page.

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